KGHM today and tomorrow

Consistent implementation of the strategy adopted in 2009 for the years 2009-2018 allowed key business objectives to be achieved. The company has acquired the status of a global copper producer with nearly 700 thousand tonnes per year.

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of copper, and the world leader in the production of silver. The company has over 50 years of experience in mining and processing copper orelexicon.png. Our main activities are the mining of metal ores and the production of non-ferrous metals and precious metals, mainly electrolytic copperlexicon.png, silver, and gold. KGHM is a publicly traded company with shares held by the State Treasury (31.79 per cent).

Consistent implementation of the strategy adopted in 2009 for the years 2009-2018 allowed key business objectives to be achieved. The company has acquired the status of a global copper producer with nearly 700 thousand tonnes per year.

Achievement of its strategic vision allowed KGHM to build shareholder value. This is illustrated by the increase in total shareholder returns (TSR) with a 33 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) since 2009. In the years 2009-2015, TSR for KGHM were the highest among the peer group of global mining companies against which KGHM compares itself in terms of costs and manufacturing.

Consistent implementation of the strategy allowed KGHM to join the ranks of major global copper producers, creating the potential for further development of the company and thus providing the opportunity to create and sustain shareholder value.

A breakthrough in the company’s development came in 2012, with the friendly takeover of the Canadian company Quadra FNX Mining Ltd. (now KGHM INTERNATIONAL LTD.), as a result of which KGHM Polska Miedź increased production by nearly 25 per cent (i.e. 100 thousand tonnes of copper), ensuring its advance from 10th to 8th place in terms of world copper production.

At the same time, the Company’s resource base whas expanded with mining assets located in Canada, the US and Chile which are rich in copper, silver and other precious metals, as well as nickel and rare metals. One of the Company’s most important mining projects is the construction of the Sierra Gorda open-pitlexicon.png mine in Chile, one of the world’s largest deposits of copper ore resources, molybdenum, and gold. On 31 July 2014, production was launched at the mine, and in October the first transport of copper concentratelexicon.png was sent to the Toyo Smelting Plant in Japan.

Changes in the Group in the years 2009-2014

The successfully executed strategy from 2009 served as the impulse to define new directions of development and aspirations for the Company for the next several decades. In January 2015, the Supervisory Board approved the strategy submitted by the Management Board for 2015-2020 with an outlook to 2040.

The main objective of the new strategic outlook is to achieve annual production capacity of over 1 million tonnes of copper equivalentlexicon.png and to continue steady improvement of efficiency in mining operations. To achieve this goal KGHM will implement the largest investment program in the Company’s history and the largest exploratory campaign in Polish history. The company will also become a global leader in mining safety and innovation through implementation of an intelligent mine project.

Key KGHM information:

  • More than 50 years of experience in the mining and production of copper and silver.
  • Leading positions in world rankings of the largest producers of copper and silver each year.
  • International commodity exchange certificates, which confirm the quality of copper and silver produced by KGHM.
  • The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Production assets in Poland, Canada, the USA and Chile. In addition to copper and silver, metals such as molybdenum, palladium and platinum, nickel and gold are mined.
  • An extensive new metal resources exploration program in Poland, Germany, Canada, the USA, Chile and Greenland.
  • A Group which consists of dozens of companies.
  • Employment in the Group - 34 000 employees.


  • Positive medium and long term outlook of the copper market.
  • Diversified portfolio of projects as well as a stable resource base.
  • Reversal of the trend of rising production costs (down 2 per cent per annum in 2012-2014), combined with a further emphasis on improving cost efficiency.
  • Stable dividend policy of up to 1/3 of the Company’s net profit.
  • Experienced staff that have successfully launched new mining projects
  • A stable organization with strong values that cares for the environment and its surroundings.


  • Knowledge – KGHM is a company with resources of practical knowledge in the field of mining and processing. This knowledge allows the company to operate more efficiently than the competition, and to successfully achieve its objectives
  • Impact on global development – KGHM is a company that provides precious metals through which the world can grow
  • Cooperation – KGHM is a company that works as a team with employees and customers, suppliers, and local communities