We are proud of our employees

Values KGHMThe most valuable capital of KGHM is its employees.

They decide the global significance of the company, which thanks to them is able to achieve success and take on increasingly bold business challenges. All employees of the Company - in Poland, Chile, Canada, and in the United States - share the same values.

These values form the basis of all activities of KGHM - both on global commodity markets as well as in cooperation with local communities.

A key element is the best use of the creative potential of employees. The company’s achievements and market position depend on their knowledge, ingenuity, cooperation, commitment, and integrity. In order to provide an optimal working environment, the company invests in their continual professional development and in a good atmosphere in the workplace.

Employees’ professional development radiates into the entire  organization and its ability to expand. The company organizes vocational training, subsidizes academic education, and encourages the exchange of knowledge. In recent years, due to the globalization of our activities, we have been investing heavily in improving language skills and long-term development programs for expert and managerial personnel at all levels of the organization.

Care for employees also includes concern for their safety. The Company has a “Program to improve workplace safety in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. to the year 2020”, with an objective of „zero accidents” through the development of technology and management systems, as well as extensive promotion of safety culture and appropriate behaviour among employees.

As at 31 December 2014, KGHM Polska Miedź employed 18 168 employees.

More on human capital in KGHM can be found in the section “Development of organizational abilities and skills”.