KGHM membership in organisations

KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is a member of domestic and international industry and specialist organisations. The Company is also active amongst employer organisations and promotes the idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.

Membership in Industry Organisations

  • International Copper Association, ICA – an organisation dealing with development of the copper market, operating in almost 60 countries. The President of the KGHM Management Board is a member of the ICA Board of Directors. 
  • European Copper Institute, ECI – an organisation representing the copper mining and production sector dealing, among others, with the promotion of technologies with copper applications, environmental and human health activities and with the development of industry standards both at the national and European Union  levels. Henryk Karaś, an adviser to the KGHM Management Board on European Relations, is a member of Board of Directors ECI.
  • Copper Promotion Centres – an international network of 27 offices associated with the CopperAlliance. At present we are cooperating with Polish, Hungarian, German and Chinese branch offices. KGHM representatives are members of the Supervisory Boards of Copper Promotional Centres in these countries.
  • Eurométaux (European Association of Metals) – an association representing the European Non-Ferrous Metals Industry, with the aim to create a friendly legal environment in European Union countries.
  • Euromines (European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals) – the mission of the organisation is the promotion of the metals and mineral orelexicon.png mining industry and to build relations with European Institutions. The Association also keeps in touch with the mining community from all over the world. Henryk Karaś, an adviser to the KGHM Management Board for European Relations, is a member of the EIP Steering Committee.
  • International Copper Study Group, ICSG – anintergovernmental forum with the aim of enhancing copper market transparency and promoting cooperation and dialogue in the copper sector. 
  • International Wrought Copper Council, IWCC – an international organisation associating copper manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Australia, China, India, Malesia, the Republic of South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and USA.
  • International Precious Metals Institute, IPMI – the largest and best known organisation associating manufacturers, processors, scientists, financial institutions and merchants dealing with precious metals. The mission of IPMI is to promote the effective and reasonable use of such raw materials.
  • European Precious Metals Federation, EPMF – a European association whose objective is to enhance the commitment, efficiency and reliability of the precious metal sector.
  • London Bullion Market Association, LBMA – an international industry association, representing the London gold and silver market, which deals among others with the accreditation of manufacturers of such metals and the development of best industry practices.
  • European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources, ETPSMR – the mission of this organisation includes the modernization of the European oil, gas, metal ores, industrial minerals, gemstones or aggregates mining industries.
  • European Innovation Partnership, EIP – an organisation set up by the European Commission with the aim of stimulating innovations and improving recycling and processing methods for major raw materials. Herbert Wirth, President of the KGHM Management Board, is a member of the EIP Steering Committee.
  • Minor Metals Trade Association, MMTA – an association which deals with the minor metals sector and represents approximately 150 companies. Organisations promoting Corporate Social Responsibility CSR
  • Forum Odpowiedzialnego Binesu (FOB) (Responsible Business Forum) – KGHM has been a strategic partner of this organisation since 2012. The FOB’s mission includes promoting the concept of responsible business as a standard effective in Poland to enhance the competitive edge of companies and social satisfaction as well as to improve the condition of the natural environment. 
  • “CEOs-Volunteers 2011” Coalition – an organisation associating business leaders who are socially active. The Association is a platform for the exchange of experience and best practices.
  • CR Coalition – an initiative of the organisation Employers of the Republic of Poland. The major objective of the project associating major Polish companies is to aid business people in the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility principles.

Specialist organisations

  • European Sulphuric Acid Association, CEFIC-ESA – an organisation associating stakeholders dealing with sulphuric acid production, distribution, processing and transport.
  • Central Europe Energy Partners – an international organisation representing the energy sector in Central Europe (oil, natural gas, coal, power, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, interconnectors). 
  • The Accountants Association in Poland – this organisation associates representatives of accounting and finance community. Its mission statement includes the development of standards for the Polish industry.
  • Polish Association of Listed Companies – an association of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange which supports the issuers community with its knowledge and advisory services involving stock exchange regulations as well as with the rights and obligations of market participants. 
  • Polish Environmental Chamber – an organisation that associates more than 100 enterprises, design offices and R&D institutes. The main objective of the organisation is to improve the condition of the natural environment in Poland and to enhance the environmental awareness of the Polish people.

In 2014 KGHM joined the Global Compact initiative. This is the largest global UN initiative promoting corporate social responsibility and supporting sustainable development. Since its launch in 2000 by Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, the Initiative has been joined by 12 000 members from 145 countries.

KGHM is also a signatory of the „Polish Business Declaration for Sustainable Development”. Company representatives contributed to the preparations of conclusions in the document titled “2050 Sustainable Development Vision for the Polish Business” as an annex to the Declaration.

Business Organisations

  • Polish Copper Employers Union – this union, set up by KGHM, associates over 100 entities from Lower Silesia. The organisation deals with monitoring legislation and giving opinions on draft legal acts, running training courses and promoting initiatives to develop entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Western Chamber of Commerce – self-governing organisation with the aim of supporting, among others, the development of entrepreneurial spirit and promoting a code of ethics in business activities. It associates 300 companies from the region.
  • The Economic Chamber of NonFerrous Metals and Recycling – the Chamber represents Polish enterprises from the non-ferrous metals sectors in contacts with local and national governmental agencies in Poland and with European Union agencies. It promotes recycling.