Civic Shareholding

Akcjonariat Obywatelski

KGHM also participates in the Civic Shareholding program and is involved in actions to enhance social awareness and acceptance of free market principles and mechanisms, including those of the capital market. The Civic Shareholding program is a comprehensive educational program run by the Ministry of the State Treasury, based on training courses and workshops held all over Poland, collaboration with universities and e-learning platforms, which can be used both by those intending to start investing in the stock market as well as more advanced individual investors.

The partners of the Ministry in the program include blue chip companies and capital market players. In 2014 we participated in the program by supporting its educational activites and by encouraging the public to conscientiously invest in the capital markets. Our participation in the program included such activities as distributing leaflets to KGHM’s employees containing information on available training courses conducted, regular updates of program information on our website and publishing information about the campaign in the KGHM Group quarterly magazine „Focus” and in the biweekly „Miedziak”.

March 2015 saw the conclusion of the fourth edition of the Civic Shareholding program’s series of free workshops for private investors. Capital market experts visited 15 cities in which 20 workshops were held on the subject of investing in the stock market. Altogether, 2 260 people took part in these meetings. The workshops held during the year also included three on-line webcasts which were watched by almost 250 people.