Financial performance

Financial Results of the Capital Group KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Summary 2014

Revenues from sales
PLN 20 492 bn
PLN 5 311 bn
Net profit
PLN 2 451 bn

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Environmental protection

The extraction of copper orelexicon.png and its processing by the metallurgical plants is inextricably linked to environmental impact in all its dimensions - both renewable and non-renewable. KGHM does not avoid its responsibility towards the environment, and systematically modernizes its installations designed to protect the environment.

Environmental indicatiors

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Improving productivity

Efficiency improvement, the purpose of which is to reverse the trend of a rising unit cost of production, is the key area of KGHM’s business strategy. Since 2012 the Company has recorded an average annual cost decrease of approximately two per cent, while the desire to reduce production costs is still a huge challenge for KGHM.

Modernization and new technologies

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Development of the resource base

KGHM understands the need to secure and increase its own resource base, both by carrying out exploration on sites to which the Company holds appropriate exploration concessions, as well as through expansion by making acquisitions of mining entities which have assets of economically attractive geological resources.

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Support of the region

Good relations with our stakeholders, based on mutual understanding and trust, are of great importance to KGHM.

Summary 2014

Sport, cultural, and scientific initiatives
PLN 35 million support
KGHM Foundation funds
Over PLN 16 million
KGHM volunteers involved in
50 projects

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Development of organizational abilities and skills

The key element of KGHM’s Business Strategy is the best possible use of the employees’ potential, whose knowledge, honesty, and skills affect the results and overall standing of the Company. To ensure employee job satisfaction, KGHM constantly invests in the professional development and training of its employees, and provides a positive working environment.

We have reached our goal

In the year 2014, the process of changing the HR function in the Company is being continued.
The Company’s HR function was transformed into a modern and effective organisation, prepared to achieve the Company’s strategic goals. The HR function carried out a range of employee programs, the purpose of which was to develop employees and enhance their effectiveness.

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