Programs for students

To ensure the stability of its production processes, KGHM invests in obtaining new employees.

Thus, the Talent Forge (IV) Program continues, in cooperation with the University of Economics in Wrocław. The program covers both the organization of internships for students as well as a series of lectures at the university, performed by experienced specialists employed by the company. In 2014, internships for 32 students and graduates were organized and 57 lectures were performed.

The most talented students and graduates from the specialized divisions of universities had a chance to participate in a unique program called Talent Mine. The participants of the program got to learn.

Number of Talent Mine program participants

I edition (2012-2014)
408 candidates participated in the recruitment process, 12 participants were selected, of which following the program:

  • 5 were employed in Poland
  • 3 were employed in Sierra Gorda (Chile)

II edition (2013-2015)
860 candidates participated in the recruitment process, 16 participants were selected, of which:

  • 2 were employed in Poland
  • 1 was employed in KGHM International
  • 13 persons are still participating in the program to the end of August 2015

Go Global Internships

  • international internships in the USA, Canada, Chile for a period of two months
  • addressed to the students of mining and geology

Within the framework of the Go Global Internships program, KGHM organizes internships abroad for the most talented students from Poland, which can result in an employment offer from the Company. Many of them have a chance to ultimately join the managerial team of the Company and support the company in the completion of its strategic goals.

People who already have great potential supplement their existing knowledge with practical abilities by working for KGHM International. Thanks to this opportunity, they have a chance to become the future leaders and continue on the path of long-range development of the company.

Participants of the internships get to learn how to operate the overseas mines, the technical aspects of work and the culture of countries where KGHM International has its operations. Thanks to the internships, the students have a better understanding of the process of how mineral deposits are formed, get to know the legal provisions connected with the mining sector for a given location, and have an opportunity to operate the computer software used in the company.

Number of GO GLOBAL participants:

  • 2013 – 12 persons (one-month internships) from AGH University of Science and Technology, Wrocław University of Technology and Silesian University of Technology
  • 2014 – 14 persons (two-month internships) from AGH University of Science and Technology and Wrocław University of Technology
  • 2015 – 25 persons (two-month internships) from AGH University of Science and Technology, Silesian University of Technology and Wrocław University of Economics