Our results: Development of organizational abilities and skills

The key element of KGHM’s Business Strategy is the best possible use of the employees’ potential, whose knowledge, honesty, and skills affect the results and overall standing of the Company. To ensure employee job satisfaction, KGHM constantly invests in the professional development and training of its employees, and provides a positive working environment.

In the year 2014, the process of changing the HR function in the Company is being continued. The Company’s HR function was transformed from a purely administrative one into a modern and effective organisation, prepared to achieve the Company’s strategic goals. The HR function carried out a range of employee programs, the purpose of which was to develop employees and enhance their effectiveness.


  • 30 686 employees participated in an individual training event 
  • 812 employees participated in a number of industry symposiums, conferences, and seminars, both in Poland and abroad 
  • 102 employees made use of grants for financing their studies 
  • 818 employees made use of grants for various types of language courses 
  • 28 persons began post-graduate education in the field of geology and exploration methodology. Educational support was aimed at those employees whose responsibilities are indirectly connected with the subject of geology