Exploration projects

As a result of exploration, we planned to expand the Company’s resource base.

Exploration projects In 2014 resource base development also included KGHM’s regional exploration program.

As a result of exploration, we planned to expand the Company’s resource base. Geological deposits of copper orelexicon.png will be assessed in regards to their possible usage. After identifying and documenting deposits, the next step is to commence the process of obtaining mining concessions for identified and documented areas which, in consequence, creates opportunities for the development and expansion of the mines of KGHM in the long term.

Ongoing exploration projects:

  • Projekt „Gaworzyce-Radwanice” - exploratory work scheduled in 2008-2014 was completed. In 2015, technical and design work will be continued aimed at obtaining an operational concession for the extraction of copper ore in the area. The Gaworzyce-Radwanice concession covers a total area of 99 km2, and is adjacent to the western border of the mining areas currently operated by the company (Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine).
  • „Synklina Grodziecka” Project - the exploration drilling program planned for 2011-2014 was completed in the area of the so-called Old Copper Belt, near Bolesławiec. Geological work is to be continued jointly with the adjacent Konrad concessioned area to develop joint documentation.
  • „Konrad” Project - preparation and organizational work was completed before commencing geological work in the concessioned area. Tenders are underway for performing geophysical work.
  • „Retków-Ścinawa” Project oraz Projekt „Głogów” - drilling commenced.
  • „Weisswasser” Project (Niemcy, Saksonia) – geological and exploration work was continued in the area of Weisswasser. Seismic measurements and the analysis of historical data obtained from previous exploratory drilling in this area in the 1960s were carried out. The data gathered facilitated identification of potential copper mineralization meeting the exploration criteria of KGHM for such types of deposits. To verify this data, the company KGHM Kupfer AG Company is heading the Weisswasser project on behalf of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A., and will conduct drilling and relevant measurements.
  • „Stojanów” Project – reinterpretation of the historicalgeophysical data is currently underway.
  • „Bytom Odrzański” and „Kulów-Luboszyce” Projects – administrative proceedings are underway aimed at obtaining consent for exploration of these areas.
  • „Zatoka Pucka” Project - in 2014, the Minister of the Environment issued a concession to KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. to explore for potassiummagnesium salt deposits in the area of Puck, along with accompanying minerals: coppersilver ores and rock salt. In 2015, KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. began work aimed at exploration of the depositlexicon.png. Apart from that, work is being carried out to establish a joint venture company together with companies of the Grupa Azoty S.A. Group which is to supervise the work in the area of Puck Bay.