Our results: Improving productivity

Efficiency improvement, the purpose of which is to reverse the trend of a rising unit cost of production, is the key area of KGHM’s business strategy. Since 2012 the Company has recorded an average annual cost decrease of approximately two percent (i.e. the aggregate cost of electrolytic copperlexicon.png production after deduction of the minerals extraction tax in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.), while the desire to reduce production costs is still a huge challenge for KGHM. Major initiatives aimed at enhancement of copper manufacturing cost efficiency include primarily projects, research papers and the implementation of projects involving innovative technological solutions as well as actions aimed at the optimization of core business manufacturing processes.

Breakdown of Capital expenditures

Facts and figures concerning modernization and new technologies

Realizacja planowanych nakładów rozwojowych w 2014 roku (mln zł)