Our results: Regional support

Good relations with our stakeholders, based on mutual understanding and trust, are of great importance to KGHM. Particularly significant is the „Good Neighbour” Policy. It deals with a range of initiatives and actions taken by KGHM and the KGHM Polish Copper Foundation in order to meet the expectations and needs of the inhabitants of the region – one of the most important stakeholders in the company.

The company always acts in the best interest of the region and maintains “social concession for activity” in the business areas.

Key figures

  • 35 mln zł – allocated by KGHM to sponsor major sport, cultural, and scientific initiatives
  • ponad 16 mln zł – The KGHM Polish Copper Foundation allocated this amount for supporting nearly 400 local projects as well as 556 persons in initiatives to protect life and health
  • 50 projektów were completed by KGHM volunteers for the benefit of local communities
  • 695 dzieci oraz 75 osób dorosłych – the number of people covered by the Health Promotion Program in 2014

In 2014 there were no claims made involving territorial disputes, nor were there any events which led to resettlement.