Programs for the region

KGHM is involved in the social support of the region and is the creator of special programs in the fields of preventive medicine, ecology, business education, and corporate volunteering which were commenced in the year 2014.

The EKO-Zdrowie (Eco-Health) Program, is a preventative healthcare project. The company encourages the residents of the region to participate in sports activities and medical examinations free of charge, and organizes sport and recreational events. The pro-health initiatives are addressed to the largest possible number of people in various age groups.

The following events are organized regularly:

  • Nordic walking for adults (in 2014 there were around 700 participants)
  • swimming lessons for children (2014 – over 400 children took part)
  • preventive classes at swimming pools for children and youth (682 participants from primary schools and kindergartens of the Kotla, Krotoszyce and Żukowice Municipalities)
  • football classes for boys with the participation of KGHM Football Academy trainers (2014 – 150 children)
  • sport and recreational events with guest participation of popular athletes from the region (e.g. events at primary schools with the international and European champion Radosław Kawęcki)
  • so-called „green schools” (summer school camps) for the youngest children (210 from primary schools and junior high schools of the Jerzmanowa, Kotla, Krotoszyce, and Żukowice Municipalities)

Innovation Zone is a program which supports the process of creating leaders, people able to face the challenges that come with managing a company on an international level, in accordance with the best corporate governance practices. The program is addressed to the managers of small and medium-sized companies, and government bodies supporting the international expansion of Polish companies. In this framework, four conferences were held at Warsaw’s National Stadium, which were attended by about 250 people. The result was the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and practices in the field of international projects.

The Copper Heart (Miedziane Serce) - voluntary program - nearly 50 projects were carried out within the framework of this program. The operation involved more than 500 people, who worked together for over 1000 hours. One of the most organizationally advanced voluntary projects is the activity of the KGHM Bone Marrow Team. The team, for years, has been promoting the idea of the fight against leukaemia and registers potential bone marrow donors. The volunteers have registered more than 1 000 people who have declared their willingness to donate bone marrow; 3 people from this group ended up doing so, and thus saving lives. There was also cooperation both with NGOs and schools. Forms of corporate volunteering depend on the current capabilities of the company, the needs of the community, and the initiative and creativity of the employees themselves. The benefits of volunteering extend further than those who receive the support, also to the employees themselves. Thanks to their commitment they gain satisfaction, new skills, experience, and the feeling of a job well done. The essence ofvolunteering is, first and foremost, the people themselves, their passion and enthusiasm.

KGHM Cultura is a CSR program which supports cultural initiatives as well as artistic and educational activities in the region and throughout Poland. Its purpose is to protect the national heritage, preserve historical identity, and create sensitivity to cultural phenomena. To date the program has supported, among others, the Wrocław Opera, philharmonic halls in Jelenia Góra and Wroclaw, theatres in Legnica and Wrocław, the Legnica Silver Festival, and the Satyrykon festival. An important element of the proculture policy in the region is providing support for the ongoing preparations for Wrocław to become the European Capital of Culture in 2016.