KGHM’s sponsorship policy aims to promote the Company and the Lower Silesia region. Total expenditure on culture, science and sport in 2014 amounted to more than PLN 35 million.

The main aim of sponsoring sport is to build a positive Company image as well as engage its employees. The Company supports both top-class professional sporting competitions as well as amateur sport. KGHM also supports universities and institutions, both financially and by helping with projects related to KGHM and regional issues.

KGHM is also a patron of the arts and culture. It participates in cultural organizations and provides patronage over major projects addressed to communities of the region as well as the whole country. In 2014, the Company did not sponsor any political parties or politicians.

Sponsorship expenses by subject

SPORT 27 947 500
CULTURE 4 955 250
SCIENCE 2 172 979
TOTAL 35 075 729