Glossary beginning with E


Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization.

Electrolytic copper

The product of electrolytic copperlexicon.png refining.

Electrolytic copper refining technology

A process involving the electrolytic refining of metal, in this case copper. The periodic removal of portions of the electrolite is required to maintain the level of contaminates at an acceptable level, which is a deciding factor in the quality of electrolytically-refined copper. The contaminated electrolyte and slimes are used as the raw material in the recovery of some of the metals accompanying the copper, such as silver, gold, selenium and nickel.


The process of electrolising dissoluble anodes which are produced from refineable alloys. During this process, which takes place under specially-designed conditions, refined metal collects on a starter sheet, while other elements remain in the electrolite in solid or liquid form.