Pillar II. Development of assets

PLN 27 BILLION - over the next six years KGHM plans to spend this amount to develop its assets. This will be the largest investment program in the history of KGHM. More than half of the total amount will be spent in Poland.

Charakterystyka programu inwestycyjnego

In Pillar II of the new Strategy a pivotal role is played by the investment project management process and the execution of projects within their set timeframe and budget.

Development of the asset base primarily involves bringing development projects both at home and abroad to the production phase, and modernisation of the core business.

In Poland, the major development project involves gaining access to the copper orelexicon.png in the Deep Głogów concession, which will result in maintaining output from our Polish mines at the current level over the next several decades.

Abroad, the investment program will be advanced in Canada and in Chile. In Canada, an underground mine providing copper, nickel, and platinum will be built (Victoria). Funds will be also allocated to develop Ajax, an open-pitlexicon.png copper and gold mine. Meanwhile in Chile, in the Sierra Gorda mine, Phase II will be launched, along with the oxide ore processing project.

Modernization of the core business will include the completion of projects involving mechanical mining, modernization of metallurgy and waste management.

Planned development of new technologies

Planned development of new technologies

The execution of investment, research and development (R&D), and organisational projects will be standardized.

Thanks to the construction of a Global Competence Centre the same standards will be applied in Poland and abroad. The development of new technologies and breakthrough innovations and the transfer of this knowledge into production processes will be more efficient and effective thanks to the development of a Global Knowledge Centre and the implementation of a global model for the management of innovation, knowledge, and intellectual property.  

KGHM aspires to put in place a “Process Engineer” innovation model, focused on optimization and continuous improvement through innovation. The Company wants to become an innovation leader in the industry in which it operates.

KGHM’s Approach to Innovation

KGHM’s Innovation Model