Support Strategies

The three pillars of the new KGHM Strategy are based on four supporting strategies. These consist of the following:

  • a strategy for global organisation and skills development
  • a financial strategy
  • a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy
  • an energy strategy

GLOBAL ORGANISATION AND SKILLS DEVELOPMENTGlobal organisation and skills development

The strategy aims to provide an optimal model for the management and supervision of business processes. To achieve this, the Group’s structure will be optimised and a Corporate Centre will be established for the Group. The Shared Knowledge Centre will be implemented and access to it will be provided for competent personnel through appropriate human resource management.

FINANCIAL STABILITYFinancial stability

The financial strategy aims at improving the stability of financing KGHM Group operations and at enhancing the Group’s ability to cope with difficult macroeconomic environments. Among the elements to be optimised are the borrowing structure and terms. Our good financial standing will be maintained to ensure the accomplishment of key projects and to maintain our creditworthiness. To minimize the impact of market risks on financial performance, the 20152020 Strategy provides among others for the implementation of unified Group-wide market risk management standards. Measurement of the impact of such risks on the Group’s performance and liquidity will also be integrated.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR)Corporate social resposobility (CSR)

The CSR strategy aims at strengthening KGHM’s position as a stable, developing, and professional global leader, caring for the common good and sustainable resource management. KGHM will continue to pursue its policy aimed at enhancing its image and creating value for local communities by on-going monitoring of KGHM’s impact on the social environment, continuing to engage in dialogue with stakeholders and enhancing resource utilisation and waste management efficiency.

ENERGY SECURITYEnergy security

The aim of the energy security strategy is to secure longterm prices and stable energy supplies for the companies of the KGHM Group. It has been assumed that energy will be purchased below market prices thanks to the centralisation and globalisation of energy purchases, while savings at the level of PLN 100 million by 2030 will be achieved using energy efficiency improvement initiatives, 100 percent securing of energy prices for production purposes, and the generation of green energy (30 percent of energy coming from renewable energy sources).